Mill Services, Inc. is the largest producer of Eastern White Pine finger joint boards in the northeastern United States. From our manufacturing facility in Cobleskill, New York, we chop, mill, edge glue and finger joint Eastern White Pine for companies throughout the northeast. We also manufacture Eastern brand finger joint boards for distribution throughout the eastern U.S.


Tried and True

New England's first settlers didn't need to look very far for lumber. They simply used the Eastern White Pine that was all around them. It proved to be a smart choice as many Colonial homes still exist today, complete with their original pine siding. Eastern White Pine has a centuries-old track record for durability and a natural resistance to decay.

Local Product

Some trim boards come all the way from China. We prefer to do business locally. That way we can reduce costs, monitor quality, support the regional economy and guarantee deliveries without waiting for a ship to come from overseas. We only use locally grown and harvested Eastern White Pine.

Single Source

We do everything under one roof. We chop, mill, finger joint and prime in the same facility. By keeping all operations right at home, we can double check for quality throughout the entire manufacturing process, control production schedules and slash transportation costs. Our customers appreciate having a single point of contact, from the start to finish of a job.

The Green Choice

Our Eastern White Pine boards are naturally resistant to decay, so we don't use chemicals to treat the wood. The pine is grown and harvested close to where the lumber is manufactured, so we slash carbon emissions involved in shipping. Our primers are custom made just for us, so we can make sure they meet our environmental standards. And, of course, we use Eastern White Pine, which is one of the world's most renewable resources.

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